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Selling The Way Customers Want To Buy

Solving Customer Problems

Selling The Way Customers Want To Buy.

Think about your most recent purchase. Whether you purchased a car, television, fridge-freezer, furniture, or mobile phone you probably had some thoughts on the salesperson’s approach, style or technique. Did the salesperson really listen to your needs, did the selling style match your buying style? Did the salesperson simply rattle of a list of the products features or did they relate what the product could do for you and explain the benefits in a way that involved your buying criteria?

The way we sell technology should be the way we sell anything else – selling the way customers want to buy. Technology business customers’ interests lie in solving business issues and implementing long term strategies, not in hardware features, line speeds and bits and bytes.

Industry specific, business benefits-driven messages, are the most effective way for gaining the interests of customers. Focus your approach and account management on the customer’s business objectives and prioritise your benefit statements accordingly – industry / business knowledge and selling solutions is essential.

Don’t get drawn into a competitive product technical features battle. When dealing with competition focus the discussion on problem solving, opportunity development and business benefits you have identified and, jointly with the customer, made part of the purchase criteria. Make the competition compete on your terms and show how they can solve or deliver these benefits better than your competitors can. If you have true value added advantages it will be very difficult for the competition to out-sell your solution.

Sales training should provide the tools to help sales people understand their target customers business and become expert in identifying problems and opportunities - specifying solutions and even introducing thought leadership and innovation. Industry knowledge allows you to develop a client-consultant relationship that is critical for account development and long term success. Solution selling skills help you to ask good relevant questions and relate that knowledge to specific sales situations.

Think about your last few sales calls did you sell product features, or did you focus on solving the customer’s problems. If you cannot match your technology to realistic business needs, then you are probably wasting your time.

Industry knowledge training programmes have been developed by respected industry consultants, and is already in use in global technology companies for direct and indirect sales. The programmes can be self-paced and integrated into existing learning management systems. The content can also be trainer led or a combination of e-learning and trainer led.

Once your sales and support teams have this industry knowledge it can be reinforced with advanced solutions selling sales training, role play workshops and feedback sessions.

For more information about solution selling and industry knowledge training contact

Roy O’Neil

07958 614398

0203 826 8262

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