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  • WHAT wE dO - We Help You Win!

    In Competition Victory Goes to Those Who -

    Out Think, Out Plan & Out Play the Others.

    Advanced Sales Training - Value Selling & Solution Sales
    Advanced Sales Training for IT and High Tech and Business to Business sales. Classroom based (e-learning in development).

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    Sales Performance Enablement, Consulting, Support & Coaching
    Sales teams may be competent but not capable! Frequently an under-performing sales team is not because they don't have the skills but because the sales plan, sales process, sales tools and support infrastructure and etc., are not developed and aligned for sales success.

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    Business Strategy Consulting
    Strategic plans enable you to grow your company, optimize your resources and achieve your goals. I facilitate you through the strategic planning process.

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    Business Strategy Training
    The process, steps, the tools and techniques you need for developing and implementing a Strategic Plan for your business. Each module includes tests for understanding and optional offline team exercises. E-learning or classroom based.

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    Problem Solving Training

    E-learning or classroom based programmes in creative thinking, creative and structured problem solving and decision making. Programmes are highly interactive and suitable for all levels of personnel. They can be varied in length from bite sized sessions to half, one, two or three day courses – content and length being tailored to your needs.

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    'F16' Team Workshops©
    Its amazing what you can achieve if you are all pulling in the same direction at the same time! A superior team working process and planning tool for sales, marketing and strategy, business performance improvement and problem solving

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  • What THEY SAY

    Sales Trainer


    Manager, Systems Engineers

    Sales Coaching, Training & Role Play Workshops

    “I have worked with Roy as a sales skills trainer and coach multiple times. He has very broad sales experience and skills and constantly managed to bring this into his training and coaching sessions. I would unconditionally work with 3R Creative Solutions again”

    Business Strategy

    Marlborough Communications

    Managing Director

    After a Strategic Planning Programme

    “The results have exceeded our expectations and speak for themselves. I would have no hesitation in recommending Roy to other companies and look forward to working with him again.”

    Marketing Planning


    Managing Director

    Sales Consulting & Training

    “I was most pleased with your original analysis and clear objective thinking that you brought to bear on our sales and marketing activities. The account planning and product planning has helped focus our salesmen and other key staff within the business. We have much to build on and I am confident of a successful future ….. Thank you again for your help.”

    Sales Consultants


    Systems Engineering Director

    Team Planning Workshop

    “If these are the results we can expect from the workshops you can run them as often as you think necessary - no further authorisation is required.”

    Member of VP's Staff

    Workshop to develop a new product sales strategy

    “This is definitely work which exceeded expectations. In my opinion the results of this (strategy) meeting will be seen in the future success of the product set throughout the telecommunications industry. The success of the meeting can be directly related to the involvement and leadership provided by Roy O’Neil. Roy set the stage for the team planning session, leading the meeting and establishing rapport and buy-in to the method used to create the strategy.”

  • ADVANCED SALES TRAINING - Value Selling & Solution Sales

    Advanced sales training programmes for IT and High Tech companies - Modules are delivered as a continuous integrated programme, as individual workshops over an extended period, or as a seminar / conference speaker programme -


    Fees are based on £500 per day plus expenses.


    MODULE 1 - 1 DAY

    Managing The Selling Process & Developing Your Winning Sales Strategy: -

    • Identifying the right sales approach, 
    • Matching your sales strategy to customer's buying process, 
    • Qualifying opportunities
    • Developing your sales strategy, 
    • Influencing decision criteria, 
    • Building networks, 
    • Identifying key people and their role in the decision process
    • Getting key people on your side
    • WINNING - Five strategies for beating the competition.

    MODULE 2 - 1/2 DAY

    Understanding Your Customer - Finding Value and Solution Sales Opportunities:-

    • Identifying business changes that drive opportunity
    • Finding opportunities in the existing business infrastructure
    • Discovering strategic direction driven opportunities
    • Understanding how your solutions support the business and add value
    • Achieving competitive advantage by finding new value add opportunities
        MODULE 3 - 1/2 DAY
        Planning, Running & Managing A Sales Meeting: -
        • Pre-call planning and preparation; 
        • At the start - What happens next; 
        • Meeting strategy; 
        • Do's and don'ts
        • The things they never teach on sales training courses
        MODULE 4 - 1 DAY
        Implementing Your Strategy -Winning Sales Conversations :-
        • Building rapport; 
        • Tailoring your conversation; 
        • Developing your value proposition; 
        • Asking the right questions; 
        • Responding to objections; 
        • Gaining commitment.

        Basic selling programme:- 1 DAY

        • Planning your sales calls,
        • Gathering information and building the context for the sales conversation,
        • Uncovering problems and opportunities,
        • Building the effect of the problem and opportunities,
        • Focusing the customer on your solution,
        • Presenting the benefits of your solution and cost justifying their investment.
        • Closing the sale


        • Sales Enablement & Performance Consulting

          hope is not a strategy!

          Frequently an under-performing sales team is not because they don't have the skills but because the sales plan, sales process, sales tools, support infrastructure and etc., are not developed and aligned for sales success.


          I help your trained and competent sales force to be capable of delivering on its sales targets.


          Fees are based on £500 per day plus expenses.


          I identify where and what improvements can be made in the sales plan, sales process, sales tools and support infrastructure - delivering the appropriate combination of sales consulting, facilitated performance workshops, sales training, sales coaching and mentoring programmes, developing the improvements and enabling your sales teams to WIN more business, e.g:

          • Building your own tailored sales framework
          • Creating the Right Sales Process and Infrastructure
          • Developing the Sales Aids that Support your Sales Process
          • Enabling the Creation of Winning Proposals & Sales Bids
          • Developing and Improving the Sales Plan
          • Developing Your Sales Strategy
          • Managing the Selling Cycle
          • Managing Your Key Accounts
          • Dealing With Competition
          • Improving Sales Performance Through Team-working
          • A Winning Value Proposition
          If a business does not sell its products and services then there is no business. To win more business you must beat the competition by being both more competent and more capable - I Help You Win.

        • Business strategy Consulting

          Hope is not a strategy!

          Strategic Planning and the Tools to Win

          Strategic Planning Consulting and Strategy Workshops

          Fees are based on £500 per day plus expenses.


          What is your game plan for:

          • Running your business?
          • Strengthening your competitive position?
          • Satisfying customer needs?
          • Achieving your goals?
          • Creating Value for your business?

          I facilitate you through the strategic planning process and plan execution - helping you to rethink your business, creating a vision for your company and setting your goals and objectives - turning strategic thinking into strategic planning and strategic planning into actions.


          • Business Strategy Training

            Strategic Planning and the Tools to Win.

            • E-learning - A six module online programme with the tools and techniques you need to develop your own strategic plan.

            Click here for more information of E-learning strategy programme.


            Classroom based Training

            Fees are based on £500 per day plus expenses.
            A Three Day Programme

            What Topics are Covered?

            • Understanding strategic planning
            • Identifying /developing our values, vision and mission
            • Industry analysis & Value Chain analysis
            • Performing a SWOT analysis
            • Goals, Strategies, Objectives & Programmes
            • Assigning roles, responsibilities, and accountability
            • Strategic management decisions
            • Risk Management
            • Getting the people on-side
            • Getting there successfully
            • Building a capable organisation
            • Managing implementation - Keeping on track and getting back on track
            • Plenty of case study and practice opportunities

            What Will Students Learn?

            • How to define the vision, values and mission for their company
            • How to complete meaningful Industry Analysis & SWOT analyses
            • How to apply the Value Chain for competitive advantage
            • How to build a capable organisation
            • Tools and techniques to create a strategic plan that directs the organization from the executive to the front line
            • Goals, Objectives, Strategies and action programmes
            • How to identify potential problems and manage risk
            • Ways to implement, evaluate, and review a strategic plan
            • How related tools, such as the strategy map, can help them develop a strategic plan


          • Marketing Strategy

            The Market Share Model.

            Product Fit x Market Presence x Close Rate = Market Share (Sales Performance)


            Each of these factors (product fit, market presence, close rate) is influenced by a number of sales and marketing criteria (strategies, tools, capabilities, & etc.). I help you identify and work on these so that you can improve your sales performance, sales volume and market share.


            Improve one factor and you improve your overall performance. Improve all three and …


            Why is market share so important?


            It is a well known fact that the more we do something the better we get at it. If you can increase your sales volume you will benefit from savings associated with the experience curve and reduce your unit costs. In a growing market if you can translate sales growth into market share you are achieving a cost competitive advantage. Since we know from product life cycles that the market growth rate will fall, when this stage is reached and the market inevitably becomes price sensitive, then companies with high volume (market share) and lower unit cost will dominate the market. This has significant implications for your business and marketing strategies!

            Marketing Consulting


            Differentiate & Position Yourself to Win - Support Sales, Improve Your Marketing ROI.

            Fees are based on £500 per day plus expenses.


            I work with you to improve your product fit, market presence and close rate - Understanding and influencing the criteria and improving your sales performance and market share. I help you to develop and execute the appropriate marketing strategy, identifying your differentiation, your target markets, your route to market and what and how to communicate with them. If your products or services can be bought without direct sales involvement, e.g. the customer simply places an order over the Internet, I help you by developing the strategy and marketing communication programmes for creating brand awareness and improving market presence.


            If direct selling is involved then I improve sales effectiveness, sales performance and sales contribution to revenue generation by delivering a selling advantage in terms of:

            • Improving product fit, market presence and close rate.
            • Sales direction - Where to go, who to see, what to say.
            • Winning value proposition, sales story, unique selling points
            • Presentations, brochures, portfolios, and demonstrations, etc.
            • Sales lead generation and management
            • Advertising, telemarketing, exhibitions, digital marketing strategies, etc.
          • Creative thinking, Problem Solving & Decision making


            Click here for more information of E-learning problem solving programme.

            Classroom based programme fees are £500 per day plus expenses.


            Creative Thinking for Business

            Creativity is essential for solving business problems, achieving competitive advantage and improving business performance – developing ideas for new products, services, strategies and competing and winning.

            Duration: One Day- for programme overview click HERE




            Creative Problem Solving

            We focus on process, tools and techniques for tackling business opportunities and solving business problems and improving existing products, services and processes - Delivered by an experienced trainer and facilitator with practical experience of using the techniques on real business issues.

            Duration: One Day- Three Days depending on your choice of content.

            For programme overview click HERE




            Structured Problem Solving

            With structured problem solving the focus is on understanding the problem and finding the root cause. Often when the root cause is identified the solution is obvious. Students learn a structured problem solving process, the appropriate tools and techniques for understanding the problem, collecting and analysing data, finding root causes, looking for alternative solutions and planning and managing implementation.

            Duration: One Day- Three Days depending on your choice of content.

            For programme overview click HERE



            Decision Making Training

            How do you Choose?

            During the life of a project collaborative teams will find several occasions when they have to make a decision that could affect the level of success or failure of the whole programme. This means they need a range of techniques to suit the decision scenario, know how to apply them and reach consensus, whilst avoiding ‘Groupthink’. Decision Making is part of Problem Solving Programmes. However it may be run as a standalone programme if required.

          • Creative thinking training

            Programme Overview

            Creative Thinking for Business

            Format & Numbers:

            Programmes are designed for individuals and collaborative teams, are highly interactive, and have plenty of exercises. For this reason preferred numbers are between 8 and 15 per session.


            Who is it for?

            Courses are suitable for anyone working individually or in teams creating new ideas for improving business performance - developing creative ideas for products, services, performance improvement and competing and winning.


            By the end of the creative thinking course delegates will ….

            • Understand the different Problem types, and what approach to use
            • Recognise the differences between analytical and creative thinking
            • Know what business issues benefit from the use of Creative Techniques
            • Understand the relationship between Creativity and Innovation
            • Know the barriers to Creativity – personal and organisational
            • Learn how to introduce creativity into a team and organisation
            • Understand the Creative Thinking Process, Principles and Strategies
            • Have techniques for overcoming roadblocks to Creative Thinking
            • Be able to apply tools and techniques for developing Creative Solutions
          • creative problem solving & decision making

            Programme Overview

            Creative Problem Solving

            Students learn creative problem solving skills, a problem solving process, appropriate problem solving tools and techniques and how to apply them to a wide range of business issues and opportunities.


            "Very good, intense and dynamic, gave me a different perspective to address problems and come up with solutions that will work."

            Training course attendee.

            Format & Numbers

            Programmes are designed for individuals and collaborative teams, are highly interactive, and have plenty of exercises. For this reason preferred numbers are between 8 and 15 per session.


            Who is it for?

            Courses are suitable for anyone working to improve business performance by solving problems, improving business processes and customer service, and tackling new opportunities - developing creative ideas for competing and winning.



            Our approach is flexible to allow tailoring to your team and your environment, achieving anything from bite sized sessions, short seminars or modular units to one, two or three day courses.



            All programmes are interactive, and participative, with individual and team exercises, activities, analysis, presentation / briefing and feedback.


            Creative Problem Solving Course Content - The programme is developed and adapted according to your requirements from the following content:


            Creative Thinking and Problem Solving -

            • The Business Case for Creative Solutions, Problem Solving & Performance Improvement, Choosing the Right Approach, Barriers to Success & How to Overcome Them, Collaborative Teams – roles, rules, responsibilities.

            3R Problem Solving Model© -

            • 3R Recognition Stage: Understanding the Challenge, Problem, Issue. Data gathering, management & analysis. Including using business models & systems thinking, identifying issues and root causes.
            • 3R Resolution Stage: A wide range of tools and techniques for finding and developing alternative and creative solutions to problem situations.
            • 3R Results Stage: Planning for & Managing Implementation, establishing the facts, identifying the barriers, managing risk, getting the people on­side, getting management support, Implementation ­Testing your plan, keeping and getting back on track. 

            Decision Making -

            • Collaborative Team Decision Making Techniques, Processes and tools and techniques for prioritising and choosing between alternatives.
          • structured problem solving

            Programme Overview

            Structured Problem Solving Course

            Problem solving training courses are highly interactive and participative with individual and team exercises, presentations, briefings and feedback sessions.


            Format & Numbers

            • Programmes are designed for collaborative teams, are highly interactive, and have plenty of exercises. For this reason preferred numbers are between 8 and 15 per session. Teams are formed to practise techniques, present their ideas, discuss and give and get feedback.

            Who is it for?

            • Courses are suitable for anyone who could be working in a team to improve business performance by solving problems, improving processes, customer service and competing and winning.


            • Our approach is flexible to allow tailoring to your team and your environment. The Structured Problem Solving Course is delivered as a standalone programme and can be varied in length from bite sized sessions or short seminars to half, one day and two day programmes, course content being varied to meet your needs. As a standalone programme it includes some content from other problem solving training modules.


            • All programmes are interactive, and participative, with individual and team exercises, activities, analysis, presentation / briefing and feedback.

            Course Content


            Structured Problem Solving Preliminaries
            ● Criteria for successful problem solving
            ● Problem Solving & Performance Improvement in context
            ● Forming Collaborative Teams
            ● A Problem Solving Process


            3R Problem Solving Model© - Introduction
            ● Managing the process, knowing where you are and what to do.

            3R Recognition Stage – Understand the Challenge, Problem, Issue
            ● Clarifying the problem statement,
            ● gathering data, data management and analysis, identifying root causes.


            3R Resolution Stage – Find Alternative Solutions
            ● Tools and techniques for finding solutions

            3R Results Stage – Strategies for Implementation Planning & Implementation
            ● Understanding resource requirements;
            ● Identifying the barriers,
            ● Risk management;
            ● Test, Test, Test,
            ● Implementation ­ monitor and manage,
            ● Standardise your solution ­ policies and procedures


            Decision Making – Collaborative Team Decision Making Techniques
            ● Processes and tools and techniques for prioritising and choosing between alternatives

          • Workshops

            'F16' Team Workshops©

            Fees are based on £500 per day plus expenses.

            Typically 3 Day Workshops


            Team Planning

            A superior team working process and planning tool for sales, marketing and strategy, business performance improvement and problem solving, e.g. sales & marketing performance issues, winning sales bids, new market opportunities, new products & services and business strategies - delivering programmes that add value and competitive advantage through workable plans, owned and committed to by your people, ensuring all team members contribute to it, understand it and agree it.


            Workshops are hard work, fun and stimulating, creating a real team­working environment.


            The Process & Environment

            Team Planning uses: a controlled environment, ground rules, specific roles and structured process, and incorporates creative thinking and problem solving techniques. At the end of the workshop the process and output are recorded and presented to the Senior Management Sponsor for approval and progressing.


            A project consists of single or multiple workshops. We work with you to develop the brief. The process includes pre­-workshop guidance and post workshop support for implementation.


            The Results

            Team Planning helps sales, marketing and strategy teams, functional, cross functional and cross organizational work groups and problem solving teams tackle business opportunities and meet organizational objectives.


            Team members take ownership, develop and evaluate alternative solutions and create workable plans. Individuals bond and work better together, productivity increases, energy and enthusiasm are multiplied and people feel they have a stake in the project's success.


            "If these are the results we can expect from the workshops; you can run them as often as you think necessary - no further authorisation is required."… ...........

            Systems Engineering Director


            “... the results of this planning workshop will be seen in the future success of the product set throughout the telecommunications industry.”

            T K Product Management Director - VP’s staff


          • About Us

            Who We Are

            Roy O'Neil

            Roy O'Neil: Lead Consultant

            Roy's experience includes Sales Manager Strategic Accounts and successful Salesman, European Industry Marketing Director (responsible for $150 million sector revenues and developing the European Strategic Plan), International Product Manager (USA based for 2 years implementing the product management process and supporting major account sales teams), and Value Added Reseller Sales and Marketing. Previously he worked for IBM for 10 years in their Data Centres in Operations, Programming and Customer Services and also has end user experience as a computer operations manager in the Finance sector.


            He has a Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Systems.


            Roy has a unique broad international experience across multiple organisations, functions and roles. He understands how business works, how different functions operate, interact and contribute to the whole, using this business experience to deliver tailored training and consulting programmes.

            Companies I have worked for consulting, training and workshops include: Cisco (Amsterdam & Riyadh), Zycko, Amdahl, IBM, NCR, Elettronica, Marlborough Communications, Max International, Schlumberger, Texaco, Rubber Atkins, Brighter Graphics, Sussex Enterprise.

            Our Approach

            Are You In Competition?

            In Competition victory goes to those who: -

            Out-think, Out-plan & Out-play

            their Competitors

            I Help You Win!.

            While there are often similarities, every business improvement project is different - each company has its own situation, people and culture. Each opportunity, has unique characteristics.


            I do not turn-up with a prescribed solution. I prefer to understand you, your needs, your issue and business development opportunities, then design a programme for you. Tailoring my approach, taking into account your uniqueness, your resources and internal creativity, and translating these into competitive advantage: a winning proposition and action plans.


            Continued research combined with ‘been there, seen it, done it’, i.e. based on a combination of current research and the tools and techniques and experiences gained in business, I develop and deliver unique training and consulting solutions tailored to the specific client and situation.


            I will happily meet with you (without charge) to understand your business, current issues and needs and then design a programme to help you achieve your goals.


            My team of collaborators, consultants, experts, trainers, speakers, facilitators, writers, designers, marketeers and social media managers come together on a project by project basis, to tailor a solution to meet your needs - using leading edge techniques to tackle business issues - developing and implementing plans to deliver competitive advantage, winning business opportunities, improving market penetration, operational effectiveness and profitability.


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