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SAles strategy: sales conversation - in conclusion

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This is the twenty fourth and final article in a series for e-learning for Advanced Sales Training for IT and High-Tech Sales

Sales Strategy – Sales Conversation: In Conclusion

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In conclusion

� A sales conversation is two-way - SO BE PREPARED!

� The sales conversation is not just between sales and the customer. Information is exchanged between the two companies through multiple touchpoints, be aware of these and manage the outcomes.

� Be aware of the customers buying process and players in the buying centre, and tailor your conversation for the person you are talking with.

� Choose your sales approach, Challenger or Discovery, based upon the situation and your relationship with the customer.

� Reframe the way customers think about their business needs using the business analysis tools to develop the conversation.

� Communicate sales messages and proposals in the context of the business issues and the solutions you can deliver.

� Ask for small commitments throughout the sales process, not just at the end and for the contract.

� Have a strategy for answering objections.

� AND FINALLY (if you have done everything right) – ASK FOR THE ORDER!

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