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Sales strategy - Understanding Your Customer’s Business Growth Strategy

Advanced Sales Training, E Learning - The Ansoff Matrix

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This is the Thirteenth in a series of articles for e-learning for Advanced Sales Training for IT and High-Tech Sales "Sales Strategy, Understanding Your Customer Part 5: The Ansoff Matrix – Your Customer’s Business Growth Strategy.”


The Ansoff Matrix – Understanding Your Customer’s Business Growth Strategy.


Advanced sales training for IT and high-tech sales professionals involves a comprehensive approach to understanding your customer. This includes the Ansoff Matrix, a strategic planning tool that can be used to understand a customer's business growth strategy.

Concept Overview:

The Ansoff Matrix, developed by Igor Ansoff, is a strategic planning tool that provides a framework to help executives, senior managers, and marketers devise strategies for future growth. It has four quadrants:

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How to apply the Ansoff Matrix:

1. Market Penetration (Current Products, Current Markets):

  • Understanding Strategy: Identify how your customer is trying to increase their market share with existing products. This might include strategies like competitive pricing, marketing campaigns, or customer loyalty programs.
  • Developing Opportunities: Offer IT solutions that enhance their current offerings, like improving their e-commerce platform, data analytics for customer insights, or cybersecurity to protect their digital assets.


2. Market Development (Current Products, New Markets):

  • Understanding Strategy: Look at how your customer is exploring new markets with their current products. This could involve targeting a new geographical area or a different customer segment.
  • Developing Opportunities: Provide IT solutions that support market expansion, such as multilingual support systems, regional data centres, or market analysis tools.


3.Product Development (New Products, Current Markets):

  • Understanding Strategy: Assess how your customer is innovating or modifying their products for their existing market. This could include new features or technologies.
  • Developing Opportunities: Suggest High-Tech solutions that aid in product development, like advanced R&D tools, product testing software, or collaboration platforms for product design teams.


4. Diversification (New Products, New Markets):

  • Understanding Strategy: This is the most ambitious and high-risk strategy, where the customer is venturing into completely new products and markets. Analyse their long-term vision and how they plan to diversify.
  • Developing Opportunities: Offer comprehensive IT solutions that support this big leap, such as enterprise resource planning systems, market analysis software for new domains, or innovation management tools.


When applying the Ansoff Matrix, it's crucial to:

  • Understand the Customer’s Goals: Align your IT and High-Tech solutions with the customer's strategic objectives.
  • Customize Solutions: Tailor your offerings to the specific stage of the Ansoff Matrix they are in.
  • Stay Informed about Industry Trends: Knowledge about the latest trends in IT and High-Tech can help you suggest innovative solutions.
  • Build a Partnership Approach: Work closely with your customer to understand their needs and offer solutions that add value to their business.


  • Incorporating the Ansoff Matrix in Sales Training

1. Training Modules: Develop training modules that explain each quadrant of the Ansoff Matrix and how it relates to IT and high-tech sales. Include case studies and real-life examples.

2. Role-Playing and Scenarios: Create role-playing exercises where salespeople can practice identifying a customer's position in the Ansoff Matrix and developing appropriate sales strategies.

3. Integration with Sales Methodologies: Teach sales professionals how to integrate Ansoff Matrix insights into consultative and solution selling.

4. Ongoing Learning: Encourage continuous learning and application of the Ansoff Matrix in day-to-day sales activities. This could include regular workshops, webinars, or coaching sessions.

5. Performance Tracking: In sales strategy reviews monitor that sales representatives are using the Ansoff Matrix in their sales process.



By incorporating the Ansoff Matrix into advanced sales training, IT and high-tech sales professionals can gain a deeper understanding of their customer's business growth strategies and hold intelligent business conversations, which leads to more effective sales strategies and improved results.

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