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Not All Sales Are Good Sales

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This is the fifth in a series of articles for e-learning for Advanced Sales Training for IT and High-Tech Sales.

"Sales Strategy – Not all sales are good sales”


Nobody wants to give up on a potential sale, but not all sales are good sales. Some sales could be bad for the salesperson, the company, and the customer.

Is this a good sale?

Before proceeding through your selling process it is appropriate to review and qualify the sales opportunity!

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There are four questions the salesperson and sales manager need to ask before and during the sales process: -

1. Do we know if this is a real opportunity?

2. Can we meet the decision criteria?

3. Can we win?

4. If we win - So what?!

These four questions are supported by supplementary questions such as:-

· How well do we know this customer – e.g., what PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technical, Legal, Environmental) changes are impacting them and how?

· Has the customer agreed there is a need for action?

· How well do we know the decision process, timeframe and people involved?

· Do we have access to the people with the power, money, authority and need?

· Do we understand the competitive situation?

· Is it worth winning, what are the costs, profits, and risks involved?

· Etc.

These and many other questions and their answers can be setup as a matrix scored and reviewed by the salesperson and sales manager throughout the selling process. For example:


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The results will identify gaps in knowledge, help you develop your sales strategy and support the decision as to whether you should proceed or withdraw from the sales opportunity – Not all sales are good sales!

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