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Is your sales process fit for purpose?

Is your sales process fit for purpose?

The Principles of Selling Model identifies three types of sales approach or model:

1. Order Taker

2. Soft Sell

3. Problem Solver

Each of these approaches impacts your sales process, sales person behavior and actions.

The Order Taker is for low value / commodity type sales where the product delivered has no strategic value. The buyer’s expectations are for a quick easy to use buying process, low prices and quick delivery.

The Soft Sell is appropriate for medium value solutions – often an addition to an existing system or a localised departmental solution with limited strategic value.

The Problem Solver is for high value, often complex solutions with enterprise wide strategic implications.

All successful sales programmes go through four phases –

· Initial Contact

· Understanding Needs

· Matching Capability

· Closing the Sale

Your sales process should overlay the four phases of a sale and, more importantly be appropriate for the sales scenario / model you are faced with. That is to say it should have the right steps and reiterations to move the sale through the four phases; have the right sales tools and resources for each step. The sales person should have the skills suitable for the sales scenario, and be able to implement and manage the process - applying the resources and achieving the sale.

Each of the process steps may consist of a number of sub-steps and activities. Often a bad sales experience can be analysed to show skipped steps or a failure to complete them satisfactorily before moving forward to the next phase – i.e. a failure to have the right checks and balances at each step.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • ‘Does your sales process, have the individual steps, sales tools, sales planning and associated sales skills, with the right checks and balances to meet the sales scenario / model you are faced with?’,
  • ‘Do your sales teams understand your sales model and its implications?, 
  • 'Do they understand your sales process, your sales tools and resources and how to apply them to the four phases of a sale.’

In fact ‘Is your sales process fit for purpose?’

For more information about Sales Models, Sales Process and Selling Skills contact Roy O’Neil:

Email: Tel: 07958 614398

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