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Team Planning

"People try hard to make a success of something they helped to create"

Team Planning Workshops

“People try hard to make a success of something they have helped to create.”

Do you ever get those situations where you have to tackle a business opportunity, solve a performance issue, improve competitiveness and success requires cross departmental / organisational cooperation - and history shows that projects don’t succeed because of a lack of buy-in to the plan, there is no cross functional agreement on the way forward and no creativity in solution development – in fact you just can’t deliver the required results?

Well there is a solution – it’s called Team Planning.

Team Planning – What it is

Team Planning is a superior team working process and planning tool for creating workable plans, owned and committed to by your people - ensuring all team members contribute to it, understand it and agree it.

Team Planning helps management teams, functional, cross functional and cross organisational teams, work groups and project teams in tackling business performance improvement, problem solving and business opportunities - delivering programmes that add value and competitive advantage.

Workshops are hard work, fun and stimulating, creating a real team working environment.

Team Planning – The background

Team Planning is based on the strategic team planning techniques developed by the US Navy Department and adapted by leading international companies and business schools, and is combined with practical experience of using the methodology on real business issues - achieving significant results.

The Process & Environment

Team Planning uses: a controlled environment; ground rules; specific roles and structured process, and incorporates creative thinking and problem solving techniques.

At the end of the workshop the process and output are recorded and presented to the Senior Management Sponsor for approval and progressing.

A project consists of single or multiple workshops. We work with you to develop the brief. The process includes pre-workshop guidance and post-workshop support for implementation.

Example Team Planning Applications

Example applications for Team Planning include:

  • Improving sales / marketing / product team performance
  • Developing winning sales strategies and specific major account sales bids
  • Translating business goals into strategies and action plans
  • Identifying and taking advantage of market opportunities
  • Launching new product programmes
  • Improving the performance of business / work processes
  • Getting change initiatives, projects and programmes back on track
  • Winning!

The Results

Team members take ownership, develop and evaluate alternative solutions - creating workable plans for implementation and improving project success.

Individuals bond and work better together, productivity increases, energy and enthusiasm are multiplied and people feel they have a stake in the project's success.

Cross department /function and organisational cooperation improves with teams working to achieve a common business goal with benefits for all involved.

In Summary

Team Planning is a dynamic process that creates a sense of ownership and a real commitment to delivering and achieving results – and nothing breeds like success.

Team Planning provides the know-how, discipline, guidance and support your people need to tackle a discrete business opportunity in short order.

As a bonus Team Planning strengthens the team, establishing a stronger team spirit, making it a more effective working group and creating a resource for other projects.

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